Product and company disclaimer


  1. The goods sold in Angelofyouonline mall are all genuine, not factory goods, end goods, A goods, B goods, please rest assured to buy.


     The pictures of this mall are all taken in kind. Due to irresistible factors such as light and angle during the shooting process, including your monitor, there may be a slight color difference between the photo and the real object. Products with a large color combination have a slightly larger color difference. All products are subject to the actual product.


     Since the products sold by distributors in various countries or regions will be slightly different, Angelofyou online mall can only guarantee that the products sold are the products displayed in the mall.


     The manufacturer's product packaging pattern will change without notice. We will try to update the pictures on the website synchronously. We can ensure that the products you receive are the latest types of products from the manufacturer.


2.The order is cancelled and changed


If there is no payment within 24 hours after the order is submitted successfully, our customer service staff will contact you to confirm the order information. If we cannot contact you within 48 hours, the order will be cancelled. If you need to buy, you can refill the order.


  1. Distribution and logistics


This mall can handle relevant transportation procedures on behalf of customers according to the requirements of customers, but our responsibility is limited to timely delivery, assisting the buyer in inquiries in case of logistics or express delivery accidents, and does not undertake any compensation provided to customers by logistics express delivery. All inquiries and claims are subject to In accordance with the provisions of logistics or express delivery. Remind the buyer to verify the contact information such as the delivery address and the recipient's phone number, so as not to delay the delivery.


  1. If there is any dispute between the customer and the website, it can be resolved according to the agreement or relevant laws recognized by both parties at that time.