GaN Charger USB C Power Adapter Power Plug Charger Adapter

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  • Extremely compact: 70% smaller than a standard 30W USB-C charger and at the same time equipped with the same charging power! (Note: the charging pins are not foldable.) Gallium nitride technology improves efficiency while keeping it cooler than most chargers. PD30W can charge the phone to 70% in 30 minutes
  • One for everything: has more than enough charging power to charge your MacBook Air, tablet and smartphone with a single tiny charger.
  • High-speed power: charge a MacBook Air 2020 at full speed, charge the Phone 13 series up to 3x faster than with a standard 5W charger or charge the Samsung smartphones at full speed thanks to Samsung Super Fast Charging.
  • Powered by GaN technology: with a significant improvement in operating frequency, an innovative minimalist design and an improved conductor structure, the GaN technology allows a new, tiny, compact charger without losing even an element of performance.
  • Using a unique splicing technology, the robust and durable internal structure is combined to make the volume smaller.
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